Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin

An economic development program designed to increase the purchase of Wisconsin grown/produced food products for sale to local purchasers.

Programs and Activities

Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin (BLBW) Grants - Competitive grant program to strengthen Wisconsin's agricultural and food industries. 

Edible Startup Summit/Edible Extended - Intensive three day-long workshop designed to reduce barriers for local food producers. 
Wisconsin Local Food Marketing Guide - A step-by-step guide for local food producers interested in entering local food markets.
On-Farm Food Safety Web-tool - Website with resources for fresh fruit and vegetable producers. 
Food Safety Self-Evaluation -  Guiding principles and supporting best practices for growers. 
Value-added Food and Farm Business Counselor Program - Providing technical assistance in market research, funding and pricing, sales and marketing, and a wide variety of other topics to help businesses get started. 
For general questions about the Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin program, please email or call Kietra Olson at 608-224-5112.