Dog Sellers and Shelters

Wisconsin Act 90 and ATCP 16

In recent weeks and months, a good deal of confusion and misinformation has popped up regarding Wisconsin Act 90 and ATCP 16. Wisconsin Act 90 is the law that the Legislature passed that will require licensing and inspection for some dog breeders and sellers along with other businesses and organizations that sell dogs or offer dogs for adoption. ATCP is the administrative rule that lays out in detail what standards licensees will need meet to get and keep their licenses. These standards deal with the kind of facilities dogs are kept in and what kind of care they must receive. While Act 90 is already law, set to take effect June 1, ATCP 16 is still in process.

The goal is to assure that dogs are treated humanely and consumers receive healthy animals, using regulations that are practical and workable for the licensees. Let’s clear up the confusion.

Fact sheet for potential licensees
Fact sheet for consumers