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Food Service Plans

Under a food service plan, a consumer signs up for home deliveries of freezer meat or other food items. Plans are often sold door-to-door. Consumers may contract on credit, subject to financing charges. Some itinerant sellers make deceptive sales claims, including deceptive price and quality comparisons.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection has adopted rules to protect consumers (see Wisconsin Administrative Code chapter ATCP 109). Violators may be prosecuted, and there is a private remedy for consumers. These rules:

  • Prohibit deceptive sales practices including “bait and switch” tactics, phony “specials,” and deceptive price comparisons and guarantees.

  • Require price and financing disclosures, and prohibit misrepresentations.
  • Require accurate quantity and quality disclosures, and prohibit misrepresentations.
  • Require full disclosure of contract terms.
  • Give customers a 3-day right to cancel.
  • Preserve a customer’s rights if the seller assigns a contract or promissory note to a 3rd person.