Food Code Fact Sheets

Food Safety Publications for Businesses

We provide information to the food business industry and regulators to help keep the food supply safe. We also provide consumer publications with information on food safety.

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Checking Food Product Temperatures
Consumer Advisory     
Date Marking of Potentially Hazardous, Ready-to-Eat Foods  
Demonstration of Knowledge
Employee Hygiene
Fish Under Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP)
Hand Sanitizers
Recommended Cooling Procedures
Significant Changes & Issues in the State Food Code
Temperature Guide
Thawing Foods Safely
Thermometer Calibration
Time as a Public Health Control
Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food (TCS)
Using Disposable Gloves
Washing and Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces
Foodborne Illnesses
Action to the Person in Charge when Serving a General Population and Presented with a Sick Employee
Action to the Person in Charge when Serving a Highly Susceptible Population and Presented with a Sick Employee
Employee Health Definitions
Food Employee Reporting Agreement
Organizing Your Walk-In Coolers
When is a Variance or HACCP Plan Required?
Retail Temporary Event Guidelines
Foods Sold at Retail Must Come From an Approved Source
Melon Safe Handling Procedures
Basic Food Safety Tips for Exempt Groups
Recommended General Food Distribution Guidelines
Plan Review for Retail Food Establishment
Plan Review Checklist and Guide
Proper Design of Food Shields
Sale of Untreated Juice of Fruits and Vegetables

Mobile Food Service and Mobile Retail Food Establishment Plan Review Components for Operators

Food Safety During a Weather Emergency

Microorganism Fact Sheets for Food Processors

Food Microbiological Action Levels - 1 page PDF
Yeast, Mold and Mycotoxins - 1 page PDF
Staphylococcus aureus - 1 page PDF
Standard Plate Count - 1 page PDF
Coliform Bacteria - 1 page PDF
Aerobic Plate Count - 1 page PDF

Food Allergen Fact Sheets

Equipment and Sanitation - 1 page PDF
Labeling and Packaging - 1 page PDF
Labeling Language - 2 page PDF
Processing - 1 page PDF
Raw Materials - 1 page PDF

Food Allergen Publications

Allergen Control Program Worksheet - 1 page PDF
Allergen Derivatives - 1 page PDF
Allergen Inspection Compliance Tree - 1 page PDF
Allergen Inspection Process Tree - 1 page PDF
Check Points for Allergen Inspections - 6 page PDF
Major Food Allergen Chart - 1 page PDF

Meat and Poultry Publications

Direct Marketing Meat and Poultry - 2 page PDF
Meat Product Formulation and Labeling - 2 page PDF
Organic Meat Labeling Information - 1 page PDF

Food Safety Publications

Food Emergency Contacts - 1 page PDF
Regional state contacts offering assistance in food emergencies.

Dairy Publications

Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Dairy Processing Equipment - 26 page PDF
Milking Equipment Installer Manual (PDF)
Milking Equipment Installers Presentation. Presented by Food and Dairy Specialists to Installers, 2012.

Wash Hands (English) - 1 page PDF