File a Complaint

Consumer Complaints

The Bureau of Consumer Protection accepts complaints relating to a variety of consumer issues.  This page provides background on our complaint mediation process and suggests additional ways to work through difficulties with businesses.

To download a consumer complaint form in English or Spanish, click here.   


Online complaints forms are also available for these specific consumer issues:

You received an unsolicited call or text message that may be in violation of the state’s Do Not Call laws. If you simply wish to inform DATCP about the call/text for awareness and tracking purposes and you are not requesting any additional follow up, use the telemarketing/no call fast track complaint option.


To file a complaint against a veterinarian or veterinary technician, or to report the practice of veterinary medicine by an unlicensed individual, please contact DATCP at 608-224-4353 or via email:

Weights and Measures Complaints
For motor fuel quality complaints, please contact DATCP at 608-224-4942 or via email:
If you suspect that livestock or companion animals have been sickened or killed by animal feed or pet food, this page tells you what to do to determine that and who to contact to file a complaint.

If you have a complaint related to pesticides, fertilizers, or seeds, this page will tell you what information you need to file a complaint and how to file a complaint.
If you believe you, a family member, friend or neighbor is ill (or becoming ill) from food eaten recently, please call a health care facility near you immediately to receive advice and/or treatment. Please report any food-related health problem to the Division of Food Safety by calling the division at 608-224-4700, by filling out this form or by printing and mailing a PDF complaint form.
If you have concerns that a dog seller is in violation of the state’s law that ensures the sale of healthy dogs, please click the Dog Seller Complaints link to complete a complaint online. You may also contact us at 608-224-4872 to file a report.
If you have concerns about neglect or abuse of animals in your area, please contact your local law enforcement agency.  If this is a more general concern about farm-raised deer, fish farms or hunting preserves, please make a comment on our General Animal Health Complaint form or call 608-224-4872 for assistance.