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International Market Reports

The Wisconsin International Trade Team at the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection publishes international market reports for companies interested in exporting their products. The reports provide information about export opportunities, free trade agreements, market situations and tips for exporting agricultural and food products.

Free Trade Agreements

Korea Free Trade Agreement (PDF)
The KORUS agreement took effect March 15, 2012.

Colombia Trade Agreement (PDF)
The U.S.-Columbia Trade Promotion Agreement entered into force on May 15, 2012.

Panama Trade Agreement (PDF)
The U.S.-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement entered into effect on October 31, 2012.

Country Market Reports 

Argentina Dairy and Genetics - 2012 (PDF)
Argentina's mature dairy sector and high demand for dairy products makee it an excellent destination for Wisconsin dairy equipment, genetics and services.

Brazil Market Report, Dairy and Genetics - March 2014 (PDF)
This report includes information on export opportunities and the steps needed to succeed in the Brazilian market for livestock and genetics exporters.

China Lumber Industry - 2013 (PDF)
The demand for American hardwoods is growing in China. This report includes information on export opportunities and assistance available.  

China Food Industry - 2012 (PDF)
In 2009, Wisconsin companies exported $62 million in food and agricultural products to China. China’s growing appetite for imported food products, as well as recent food tainting scandals, are creating opportunities for Wisconsin food exporters. According to Euromonitor International, anticipated growth sectors over the next several years include: dairy products, spirits, fruits and vegetable juices, organic foods and bakery products.

Japan Food Industry - 2014 (PDF)
The Japanese market holds great potential for Wisconsin exporters willing to understand the unique needs of the marketplace. This report provides information, from labeling requirements to import regulations, that will help you succeed in this export market.

Mexico Market Report - February 2012 (PDF)
Mexico is Wisconsin's second largest export market. This report includes information about the Mexican dairy sector and tips on doing business in Mexico.

The Mexican market continues to be a growth market that represents one of the best opportunities in the world for U.S. products. 

Vietnam Dairy and Genetics - 2014 (PDF)
Vietnam is one of the fastest growing markets in Asia and is actively developing a robust dairy industry.

Vietnam Food Industry - 2012 (PDF)
Vietnamese consumers' incomes are increasing, and they're demanding imported U.S. food products. Don't miss this opportunity to find a new and booming market for your food products.

For additional information on over 100 countries visit: FAS attaché Reports.

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