Water Quality


A list of other web sites with water quality and groundwater information.

UW Stevens Point Center for Watershed Science and Education
Assistance to citizens and governments for managing groundwater resources through education, public information, research, and technical assistance. Maintained by the UW-Stevens Point.

Water Resources Programs
Find information about water quality and natural resources education programs in Wisconsin. Maintained by University of Wisconsin - Extension.

EPA Office of Drinking Water
Find information on drinking water, the Safe Drinking Water Act, drinking water standards, kids stuff and other water related topics.

U.S Geological Survey - Wisconsin District Office
Find information on state and national research projects, publications and other water related topics.

Water Resources Institute
Coordinates research programs to find solutions to existing and emerging water resource problems. Maintained by the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Find information on public and private water systems, high capacity wells, Safe Drinking Water Act and other water related topics.

Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
An interdisciplinary organization that conducts natural resources surveys and research to produce information used for decision making, problem solving, planning, management, development, and education.

Wisconsin Groundwater Coordinating Council
The purpose is to "serve as a means of increasing the efficiency and facilitating the effective functioning of state agencies in activities related to groundwater management."

EPA - Nutrient Pollution
Find information on nutrient pollution, sources of nutrient pollution, the impacts and what yu can do to help.