Water Quality

Drinking Water Well Testing Services

There are several choices of labs that can test your well water. The costs depend on the number and type of tests that you request. The most common tests for rural well owners are bacteria, nitrate, and atrazine. Other tests that may be appropriate depending on your situation include copper, arsenic, lead, and hardness.

There are two public labs in Wisconsin that can test for agricultural chemicals such as nitrate and atrazine. The UW Stevens Point Water and Environmental Analysis lab provides many tests and packages of tests for well owners. Their phone number is (715) 346-3209. The Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene also provides well testing services to well owners. Their phone number is (800) 442-4618.

Private labs can also test your water for various contaminants. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources maintains a list of certified laboratories. When you contact a private lab, ask if they are certified to test for specific test parameters you are interested in.