Endangered Species 

EPA's endangered species protection program

Wild Lupine from seedsThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to develop its national program to protect federally endangered and threatened species from pesticide harm while minimizing the economic impact to pesticide users. In general, endangered (includes threatened) species are considered within the risk assessments performed on pesticides before they are registered.

Where harm from a pesticide cannot be mitigated within the formulation or label instructions, a reference to endangered species will appear on the label. The user then needs to obtain the bulletin for the county he/she is operating in, if such a bulletin exists, and follow the use limitations for products that might harm the species. A map will indicate the areas that need protection.

The enforceable bulletins for Intrepid (methoxyfenozide) use near Karner blue butterfly and Hine's emerald dragonfly sites were posted by the U.S. EPA on May 4, 2009. Click here for information and use instructions.
Note: To determine whether a project affects endangered species, visit the Natural Heritage Inventory website.